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Our Services

Integrated Advertising

We offer integrated marketing and advertising solutions, customized for the growth of your brand. We will study your brand first and then offer you feasible options for your brand’s maximum visibility or reach. Our aim is to be your long-term partner in growth and success. From Outdoor to BTL activities, Digital to Audio Visual content, we provide them all.

Digital Advertising Solution

Advertising is changing. So is the language of communication. It’s a digital world now. Everything we see, experience and aspire, belongs to a virtual space. At Halfcup, we understand this change. Therefore, we work towards creating a communication language that seamlessly reaches its desired audience. A communication that’s ROI-driven and will help your brand to be on the top shelf .

In-House Production Service

We have a dedicated team of Audio Visual experts. Our team consists of Cinematographers, Photographers, Script Writers, Editors, Animators and other industry experts. We deliver quality Corporate AV’s, Television Commercials, Animation films, Stop Motion, Motion Graphics, Viral Video, Branded Content, Short Films etc. Photography, Videography,  and Events all under one roof.

We Offer:

Branding & Logo

Give your brand a unique identity. We will give a whole new identity to your business by designing the Logo and developing all the branding materials.

Advertising Campaign

We specialize in Press and Outdoor Campaign. Let your brand stand apart amidst the clutter with a robust advertising campaign.


Our in-house production team specializes in all sorts of Video requirements – TV Commercials, Viral Video, Corporate Video, Branded Content, Short Film etc. We provide all sorts of Product Shoot, Model Shoot etc.

Social Media Marketing

We have team of Social Media Marketer who can build your brand using effective Social Media Strategy.


We provide ROI focused SEO Strategy that helps your promote your website in Google Search and Google Map.

Lead Generation

We provide effective Digital Branding Solution that helps to generate quality leads at most cost effective price.

eCommerce Marketing

Increase sale and revenue of your eCommerce Website. Call our eCommerce Marketing Specialists.

Content Writing

Content is the king. Engage with your target audience with quality content writing service.

Website Designing

Our professional team of website designers provide stunning websites to give you a perfect digital footprint.

App Development

Our professional App Developer can develop user-friendly business apps for your business. From Lifestyle apps to Utility apps, we develop it all.

Event Management

Promote your Business using PR, Events, Promotional Activities, Product Launch, etc.



Halfcup Communications is one of the fastest growing advertising agencies in Kolkata. We are a team of industry professionals, providing the right advertising solutions for your brand. From creating brand’s ‘personality’ to its ‘behavior’, we deliver it all.

Our expertise lies in creating a visual and interactive language for your brand that can effectively reach your target. And each brand deserves a different communication language. According to its character, need and aspiration. We provide thoroughly strategized ‘ROI-based’ advertising solutions, which can catapult your brand to reach new heights of success. We will help to build your brand with a distinct positioning of its own in this cluttered market.

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Arpita Films


An independent film production unit that started back in 2015. It has produced short films and documentary films that has been selected in several festivals and prestigious online platforms.